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A Speedy Implementation With Minimum Interruption, Whatsoever!

Most companies dread implementing a new Performance Management Software (PMS), even if it means sticking with their outdated, inefficient, and highly frustrating current system – warts and all. For them, any potential disruption far outweighs the tremendous benefits offered by a brand new, fully automated solution.

our promise

However, consider the possibility of adopting an automation software that blends right into your existing system. Put all your worries to rest with Synergita's Ø Disruption™assurance. Our easy to use and intuitive interface requires no employee training! Its innovative drag and drop architect allows you to customize existing process workflows or create new ones. What's more, it integrates with your existing applications that house your data and the simple admin engine enables you to be self-sufficient (i.e. no more running behind IT). But the best news? It embraces your existing processes as-is and gets you jump-started on the organizational buy-in.

All this helps you rapidly launch the new system and complete the appraisal cycle in a fraction of the time it usually takes...with minimal disruption. Make that Ø Disruption™!

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