Synergita’s COVID-19 Response Framework

Entire world is going through COVID-19 pandemic. Synergita team is distributed across India, Singapore and the United States; our response framework focuses on the following:

  • Keeping our employees safe and collaborated
  • Delivering uninterrupted services to our clients
  • Maintaining our product roadmap and business objectives so that we can bounce back for post COVID situation.

Keeping Employees Healthy & Safe

From the onset of the COVID-19 outbreak, we have put in rigorous precautionary measures on our premises.

  • We have placed hand sanitizers in desks, meeting rooms, cafeteria, lounge, pantry and game room (recreation room).
  • We have increased the frequency of cleaning common areas and arrange to wipe the work-bays and most frequently touched surfaces with disinfectant to reduce contamination.
  • We have screened visitors and employees’ temperature at entry points and advised employees with fever or cough to stay at home.
  • We deferred all business travels and manage all the meetings through skype or zoom. We adhered to local travel restrictions and self-quarantine practices.
  • We send health updates and other necessary local information daily through corporate emails powered by Synergita e-communication. It helps our HR team to deliver location and work-level specific information or to the right people.

As of March 12th, majority of our team members started working from home remotely. And, we moved 100% WFH from 15th March.

  • Employees are provided with laptops to enable WFH. Desktops and UPS are delivered to employees’ homes where necessary.
  • For the BYOD, the IT team has published guidelines on mandatory hardware & software specifications along with anti-virus software. They have thoroughly secured the device and sensitized employees on device security before they use their systems for sensitive office work.

Providing Uninterrupted Customer Services:

Synergita is a cloud-based SaaS application, hosted in a secure AWS server. The customers can access Synergita securely from anywhere. Most of our customers have started their appraisal process and they can continue & complete their performance management process without any hiccup.

Due to the Level 3 escalation and the subsequent lockdown in Chennai (India), Singapore and Chicago (USA) imposed locally, all our staff members are working from home. They are provided with the necessary resources to carry out their tasks without any impediment.

  • We have a cloud-based support portal. Our customers can raise tickets in our support desk from anywhere or drop a mail to
  • Our support helpline is managed through cloud telephony. Our support team is reachable by phone even when they work from home.
  • We use cloud based email messaging and collaboration software. That helps in accessing our emails from anywhere & our collaboration (internal messaging and conferencing software) is easier with our customers even though all of us are working remotely.
  • We are on-track with our go-live launches and continue working from home and help our customers get on with their employee appraisals and performance management.
  • We have deferred all travel and in-person customer meetings. We request all our customers use web conference calls for any discussions. To simulate a face-to-face interaction, we encourage our customers and support staff to make video calls and meetings whenever possible or required.

Maintaining Product Roadmap & Business operation intact in tough times

As a cloud-based SaaS-business with a geographically dispersed workforce, we already have internal and external tools to assist employee engagement, team collaboration, performance and productivity. These tools help us prioritize our tasks and enable us to collaborate and continue our operations in a remote working environment.

Synergita Engage – For better team collaboration and employee engagement

  • Peer Recognition & Instant Appreciation: Employees share appreciations and shout-outs in the Synergita Engage Continuous Feedback wall to celebrate their peers’ success and achievements. In a remote working environment, peer recognition and visibility play a significant role in engaging and motivating our employees.
  • Work Anniversary & Birthday Celebration: Synergita dashboard highlights the upcoming work anniversary and birthday celebrations. The team surprises the employees with a virtual party and makes it extra special.
  • Continuous Interactions: Managers can share their inputs and suggestions on specific performance goals and mentor the employees remotely. This real-time feedback exchange strengthens Employee-manager relationships and enables managers to keep the remote team stay engaged, focused and productive.
  • Rewards & Recognitions: The virtual rewards and recognition program inspire the teams and stay motivated. Peers, managers & HRs can award a surprise and instant award for a timely help or a before-time project delivery.
  • Goal Updates & Achievements: Stay focusing on our goals helps us proceed with full force to achieve our product roadmap and business objectives even while working remotely. Synergita goals management enables us to keep update our goals and achievements from wherever we are and bring visibility to our managers on our progress and success.
  • E-Communication: Corporate communication is made easy and effortless, with our e-communication features. It enables our HR team to send location-specific email updates or work role-specific emails to respective employees in one click.

Besides Synergita for employee engagement and performance, we have other external tools such as Office 365, Skype, Slack, Zoom, GTM and Zoho projects to stay connected and productive.

We’ll continue monitoring the situation and government directives and keep sharing updates to our employees, customers and stakeholders. If you have any questions, please reach out to your account manager or