Webinar: Automating your Employee Appraisal Process - How to go about?

Webinar: Automating your Employee Appraisal Process - How to go about?

Are you planning to automate your upcoming appraisal process and want to know how to get started? I am sure you will have several questions. If following are some of the questions in your mind about automating your employee appraisal process then I strongly recommend you to attend this webinar and hear from the leader:

1. Should the employee appraisal process be automated?
2. Where to begin and how to go about?
3. How to get management buy-in?
4. How will it look like?

We assure the webinar will answer all the above questions. You will get to hear it from an HR who spearheads talent management at Aspire Systems which is a 2000+ employees company with multiple offices across the world. Aspire is recognized as a Great Place to Work for 7 years in a row.

Our Presenters:


Hariharan Subramanian

Head Talent Management- Aspire Systems

Hari has 15+ years of experience handling various roles within HR function. Hari currently handles the Talent Management at Aspire Systems. He has worked in various HR roles at CapGemini, Oracle and TCS prior to joining Aspire.


Yoga Mookkaiah

Manager – Synergita Implementation & Support 

Yoga has 10+ years of experience in implementing and supporting software for various customers. He is currently spearheading Synergita Employee Performance Management Software implementation for various customers. He has in-depth knowledge on how employee performance appraisals are automated in various companies.

Date:  16th Feb 2017 (Thursday )

Time: 3 PM IST

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