Happy And Motivated Employees

Resulting In Higher Business Performance and Reduced Attrition

Reduced Attrition, Increased Employee Enthusiasm, Higher Customer Satisfaction and Improved Business Performance
Collaboration and Better Engagement of Employees
Synergita provides insights for better control on talent planning. This leads to strategic decisions for Performance Management
Employee Engagement through continuous social recognition

Synergita is very comprehensive and global performance management software with multi/peer rating. It is the best available solution for an organization to build a world-class company culture with all round employee recognition. Performance Appraisals have never been easier. Synergita is easy to configure and efficient to use. It is simple but powerful software.

At Asteor, we are very passionate about Employee Performance Management and our gratification comes from successful execution leading to measurable and lasting business results.


Synergita offers right balance between top down formal reviews, bottom up review plans, lateral continuous feedback, social recognition and rewards.

Synergita specializes in
Synergita helps to
We believe in simplicity

We believe that Performance Management System should be continuously used for effective results. That's why, we have designed Synergita as user-friendly software to help HR. This software delivers a functional system to provide the right information at the right time. Synergita's seamless integration with Outlook enables you to provide continuous feedback effortlessly. As it a cloud based software, you and your employees can access and use it on multiple devices.

We ensure flexibility

Every business is unique and so are its processes and culture. We understand this. Therefore, our Performance management system keeps pace with the business needs, as and when the business grows. We provide users the flexibility needed to accommodate changes with the least complexity. Synergita is so flexible and "easy to configure" that you do not have to depend upon the IT or system support to implement changes.

We value your time

Entering the records: does it delay the completion of your performance management task?

Synergita's feature of bulk excel import saves you from the tedious and time consuming task of individual record handling.

We automate performance management process in such a way that you need not spend too much time in a particular process. Your business processes can be transformed into Synergita workflows with user/system dependencies and actions. Our user friendly system provides alerts and reminders to your employees for pending actions to avoid delays. Activities such as employee updates are viewable from the dashboard and reports.

We make appraisal process easy

Having performance appraisals on time is the basic expectation of employees at any level. We provide your employees with continuous feedback, interim feedback and annual appraisal. They add a new dimension to your performance appraisal system. Your employees can track their own performance and compare it with achievement of their immediate circles of employees. Our system is packed with features such as follow workflows, reminders, notifications etc. That enable HR's to kick start the whole appraisal process and manage it easily without any delay.

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