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What are the root causes of Stress?

  Appraisals being done once in a year

  Heavy work load on HR due to annual cycle of appraisals

  Inaccurate results due to heavy load

  Time consuming

  Changing business needs

  Unmanageable manual stuffs & Excel Sheets

  Year-end disappointments

  Lack of motivation and appreciation

Entering into new format

Excel sheets to technological (Synergita) tools

Stress-buster Synergita

Synergita helps organizations address some of the important questions like

  Are the stress levels within the organization very high during performance appraisals?

  Is it consuming lot of time for HR and managers?

  Are you able to trust the data coming out of your performance appraisals?

  Are you able to change the process to keep pace with changing business needs?

  With Synergita you get, Top down reviews, Bottom up feedback, Social recognition, Redeemable rewards, Great analytics and Yoga level flexibility.

   With Synergita you can reduce workload, no year-end disappointments, motivate employees and also it is very simple & flexible to use.

   With Synergita, you can build world-class employee driven, high performance culture. It is delivered from the cloud and priced on pay per usage model (pay per employee per month) - costs less than a cup of coffee.

  Hence reducing whole Stress level of HRs and Managers as well leading to Stress free appraisal process.