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Have you automated or solved your payroll processing?

When HR looks at automation, companies do one of the following:

  • Automate the payroll processing with a software such as Unicorn HRO, ADP, etc.
  • Outsource the payroll processing function to an external service provider such as Paychex, ABS, Talent Maximus, etc.

If you are outsourcing the payroll processing, you may still need a software to capture time and attendance, leave, etc.  Typically, HRIS (Human resources Information System) software addresses capturing leaves, time sheet, attendance, expense/reimbursements and payroll.  This is essential to make sure that basic hygiene is met.  Employees are paid ontime; HR would work efficiently and will not have any errors in number crunching, adhering compliance, etc.  Considering that companies operate in different geographies and each state has different taxation rules, it is important to solve this puzzle.

Once this is done, companies start focussing on addressing strategic initiatives.  Talent management (both engagement and development) is a key function that any organization would like to focus on – as it is critical for organization’s growth and business excellence. While talent management itself broadly covers several sub-functions, following are really critical:

  • Employee Performance (goals, competencies, etc.)
  • Employee Engagement (rewards and recognition, engagement survey, etc.)
  • Employee Development (360 degree feedback, aspirations, Learning, etc.)

While everyone understands the criticality of these, often times, these are dreaded topics. Managers may not have adequate time to focus on the team while taking care of business functions.  Human psychology focuses on solving immediate headaches rather than doing lifestyle changes to avoid heart-attacks.  So, how do you help your managers focus on long-term, strategic talent management initiatives? Managers generally want to be reminded about providing feedback, help them to reward their team members, talk about goals and achievements, jog their memory, etc.  Once they start spending quality time with their team members, you as HR would have achieved your objectives – which is talent engagement.

You will need a tool which can take care of these.  This tool should be simple, easy to use and non-intrusive. Should also help in bringing in best practices that other great place to work companies follow.  If you can automate these functions, it will help you to advance on strategic talent management initiatives.

Note: Author is a part of Employee Performance and Engagement software – Synergita (www.synergita.com)


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