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Why wait, when you can appreciate now?

Organizations who spend so much of time to define ‘how’ and ‘why’ recognition should take place, often fail to address one another, yet very important dimension of “when” the recognition ought to be done. Thus all efforts spent towards the meticulous planning usually end up as a bad recognition plan and the positive outcomes sought after employee appreciations are never realized. Due to this many organizations who enthusiastically sought to derive recognition plans often loose their interest and the whole process silently withers away.

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4 Steps to bring Continuous Feedback Culture

Continuous improvement need not apply only for the Quality of a product or service but will also apply for human beings. Developing and Improving the quality of workforce is a key requirement for any organization. Continuous feedback is an important tool that helps people improve the quality of their team on an ongoing basis.

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Importance of 360 Degree Feedback

It’s a common misunderstanding that 360 degree feedback is beneficial only for people in middle and senior management..

Employees have a lot to gain by soliciting and analyzing the feedback received from multiple people and using the insights to better themselves. The growth and development achieved with this process, will be more than the knowledge gained by reading books and blogs.

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Top 50 Problems with Performance Appraisals by Dr John Sullivan

(Some) 90 percent of performance appraisal processes are inadequate.” – Salary.com survey.

In conversations with HR leaders and employees, the talent management process that suffers from the most disdain around the world is the performance appraisal. It’s one of the few processes that even the owners of the process dread.

If everyone hates it, but it still gets done nearly everywhere, you might assume some asinine government regulation requires it, but in this case there is no such regulation… Read More,,

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Effective Performance Management

The motivations for employees to work hard are: To get manager’s appreciation for a good job done, Get timely feedback on areas of improvement, To get rewarded financially for the contributions made and to have a good career growth. This…

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Humane part of ‘HR’- The Main Focus

Focus on the “Humane” part of Human Resources – Anamika Krishnamoorthy – HR Partner – Aspire Systems. Often times, an HR in any organization gets bogged down in day to day activities like new joining formalities to conducting appraisals on…

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What Gartner says about ‘Pay-for-Performance’

Excerpts from Gartner Report 227695 Many organizations find that their existing pay-for-performance process doesn’t work well. It doesn’t improve performance, and demotivates employees. Key Findings Many organizations do not believe they have a good pay-for-performance process. In fact, many find these programs…

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