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Alyx Technologies India Pvt. Ltd

We chose Synergita over several other PMS systems for its flexibility, scalability, and wide breadth of functionality. We liked the roadmap presented to us by Synergita Team as well as their support devoted to providing our defined specific PMS model. We believe that Synergita will be a cost effective platform to further streamline our business and support future growth. Alyx Technologies India Pvt Ltd had rolled out Synergita in just four weeks. It was an ambitious timeline, but one that paid off. We knew that setting up our employees quickly with Synergita would go a long way in helping our organization establish a more effective performance review process. Our talent management initiatives are now centered on people development, organizational alignment and delivering meaningful feedback to our team. Synergita is providing us a more efficient way to execute and drive all of this. From a user standpoint, Synergita’s system has worked well for us and has been well-received by our employees.

Divya Menon, Associate Manager - Recruitment & HR, Alyx Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.

Capita – Business Process Management Solutions

It’s been about a year since we have been associated with Synergita and we had a very good experience. In the last year – we streamlined and automated our employee performance management process and today are in a position to introduce new interventions like Upward Feedback. Big thank you to the Synergita team for the support provided and I wish them all the best.

Suyash Deshpande, Lead – Talent Infrastructure, CAPITA

Secova – Benefits Management Solutions

We would like to thank Synergita team for the ubiquitous support they have been providing to Secova. Their adherence to timely support and quick turnaround time for solutions related to queries is above perfection. Also, their prompt intimation regarding the time taken for solving development related issues is highly appreciated.We would also like to thank Ms. Anandhi Sampath for being a great support to us in completing our performance appraisal in this tool. Her friendly approach and effective communication, be it late night or emergency, is at par with excellence. We are very happy to have her work with us in this project.

Kavitha Jayashankar, Head of Talent Management, Secova

Booker – Service Management Platform

Synergita is the first PMS Booker has implemented. We are very pleased with the product and it’s features. It is very easy to use and makes performance reviews a breeze. The system is incredibly robust. Synergita’s customer service is the best we have seen. They are always available and willing to tweak the system to accommodate our needs. The experience has been a true pleasure!

Aspire Systems

Synergita is extremely flexible and is so very easy to use. We are able to customize and configure the system without any technical expertise. This allows us to continuously adapt our performance management process to closely align with the business. It offers greater flexibility to the HR and the line Managers to track performance and provide feedback.

– Dinesh Kumaran, Head of HR, Aspire Systems, USA & India.