Webinar: Leveraging ERP to Effectively Manage your Employee Performance

Webinar: Leveraging ERP to Effectively Manage your Employee Performance

In large part because of its complexity, enterprise resource planning (ERP) software has a tendency to be under-utilized. You're not alone if your business struggles to achieve envisioned ROI for its ERP system. In this situation, using the ERP effectively to manage employee performance is not taken seriously by many companies. But, there are few simple methods that you can adopt to use your existing ERP to manage employee performance effectively.

This webinar will throw light on these methods you can adopt and use in your organization.

The key takeaways include:
1. Employee performance management trends
2. Using ERP to manage employee performance and engagement – adopting to the trends and solutions
3. How to choose the right tool that will enhance the strength of ERP for Employee Performance Management and get maximum ROI?

Our Presenter:

Jamie Resker

Suyash Deshpande
Lead - HR leader of a Major Business Process Services provider

Suyash is qualified HR Professional (PGDM-HR), Certified Professional Behavior Analyst (TTI-USA) and Engineer with 10+ years of Strategic and Techno - Functional experience managing full spectrum of Human Capital services and solutions across industry. Suyash has handled several functional areas in career, which include Organization structuring/Re-structuring, Business Partnering, Compensation & Benefits, Talent Acquisition & Management, HR Automation, Employee Rewards & Recognition initiatives, Performance Management, Succession Planning, Manpower Planning & Budgeting, Employee Engagement, HR Policy Formulation & Review etc.

Date: September 27th  2017,  Wednesday

Time: 3:00 PM IST

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