Excel Vs Synergita ROI Calculator

Several organizations are still using manual forms or Excel forms for running their performance appraisal process & quarterly/half-yearly feedback process. While Excel is a good way to start (and helps in fine tuning the forms and process), it has its own challenges. At some point of time, organizations should look at shifting from Excel to an automated software such as Synergita. This ROI calculator provides a high level overview of how much you are spending on performance appraisal through excel/manual process and the amount of savings that Synergita can bring to you.

Build Vs Buy ROI Calculator

More often companies after deciding to go for a performance management system, contemplate whether to develop a solution from scratch or buy something off the shelf? For most cases, both camps will be represented, arguing in favor of one approach or the other. But it’s important that the final decision be made after a careful evaluation of the both the approaches and not based on mere assumptions.

Build – vs – Buy tool helps understand all the aspects involved in both the approaches & make the correct decision.


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