Webinar: 3B1A - Identifying the cause of Employee Disengagement

Webinar: 3B1A - Identifying the cause of Employee Disengagement

In this webinar we saw that Employee Engagement is the prime driver of high performance and high growth. Identifying the disengaged employees and cause of their disengagement help organizations remove the hurdles and make their employees engaged and productive.

Bullying, Belittlement, Burnout & Advocacy (3B1A) are the markers to spot disengaged and engaged employees.

This webinar was focused on how to identify disengaged employee at your organization and the cause of disengagement.

Key takeaways included:
• The value of individualising engagement
• The reasons for disengagement
• To Identify an Advocacy-Ready (engaged) employee
• To identify the symptoms of Bullying, Belittling and Burnout
• How to create a good workplace

Our Presenters:

Ethan Seow
Founder at Undelusional

Narayanan Ramaiah
Manager - Channel Development at Synergita

Date: May 22nd 2018, Tuesday

Time: 12:30 PM IST /  11 AM UAE / 3 PM SINGAPORE


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