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A truly engaging, continuous conversation practice!

Check-in, the agenda-driven continuous conversation, brings everyone on the same page and ensures smooth sailing.

Frequent check-ins between managers and their team members help you get the real-time feedback and also discuss the status of the current project. The employees share their accomplishments, the advantages and setbacks they encountered, and their future course of action with their managers.

  • Employees can check-in as frequently as they want, and share their work status whenever the need arises
  • Managers at any level, for instance, primary, secondary, and skip level managers, can be configured in the check-in process


  • Check-ins help employees get closely involved with the projects and improve employee engagement
  • Check-ins have preset agendas (or line items) that help conduct a focused conversation
  • Problems are identified and nipped at an early stage
  • The managers get real-time updates on the projects
  • Managers also get an insight on what works best and what hinders their progress
  • It helps to continuously monitor the performance of the employees and complete the project on time