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A significant component of Performance Management !

Enhancing the skill set of your employees and thus, helping them progress in their careers is a manager's primary responsibility!

Based on the performance rating, managers can recommend skill training for the employees and monitor their training progress too. The skill development program supports the employees’ career goals and helps further develop their professional growth.

The simple process in our software would include:

  • A customized library of training courses mapped for the skills and competencies are provided
  • Managers choose appropriate skill training to address the skill gaps
  • Managers specify the time frame for completion of the training
  • The progress and completion of the training programs are tracked by the managers


  • Employees can avail this opportunity to gain up-training and cross-training of skills to enhance their career growth
  • Managers can foresee future technology requirements and make employees ready for future projects
  • The organization effectively addresses the skill gaps of the employee, which reflects in their performance
  • No shortage of skilled resources for the organization
  • It makes the performance management more productive and meaningful