Be Agile With A Blend Of Traditional & Modern Performance Management Practices

To your organization, Synergita brings in excellent blend of the best practices from Traditional Performance Management and Modern Performance Management. You will be agile to meet Gen Y Gen Z needs on Performance Management.

Traditional performance management practices covers following activities

Modern practices vouch for continuous interaction between managers and their team members and focus on employee development.

Gen X, Gen Y and Gen Z needs are aligned with continuous interaction. Higher collaboration and instant gratification. So, everyone likes them. Synergita helps in bringing “continuous feedback” into the organization and uses it effectively in moulding employees towards higher performance level. This will result in “highly motivated employees”. Satisfied employees would take care of your customers and hence higher business excellence.

Modern performance management practices covers following activities
  • Goals Management
  • Continuous Feedback
  • Rewards (right from your spot awards to role star to employee of the month, year, etc.)
  • Peer Recognition
  • 360 Degree Feedback
  • Change in goals and roles based on the needs of business needs
  • Analyze the trends and results
  • Focus on employee development

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