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Synergita Engage
Tools and features to better engage your employees
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Synergita Engage & Perform
Performance Management, Employee Engagement and Development all in one platform
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Synergita Surveys
Stand-alone surveys for better insights into your employees. No long-term contract needed

Synergita Engage

Engage your employees through continuous feedback, e-communication and rewards and recognition. Then generate continuous feedback reports that are connected with your employee information. Synergita Engage is the perfect plan for you to better reach and engage all of your employees

Talent Information Engagement Reports
Employee Basic Details Continuous Feedback Continuous Feedback Report
Employee Reporting Details E-communication  
  Rewards & Recognition  

Synergita Engage & Perform

Also known as Synergita Professional, the Engage and Perform plan combines your organization's talent information with performance, engagement & development features. Generate a variety of reports to keep in touch with what is going on within your organization. Synergita engage & perform allows you to maximize your employee potential.

Talent Information Performance Engagement Development Reports
Basic Details Feedback Form Continuous Feedback Recommend Training Continuous Feedback Report
Org Reporting Details Workflow E-communication Employee Training Records Employee Reports
Personal Details Reviews/Appraisals Rewards & Recognition   Performance Reports
Education Details Notifications     9 Box Report
Work Experience Reminder & Esclations     Team Score Trend Analysis
Document Repository My Inbox     Perception Gap Analysis
Exit Summary       Strength & Weakness Analysis

Add-On Modules for Synergita Engage & Perform

Advanced Talent Information
  • Skill Repository
  • Employee Passport & Visa
  • One Pager Report
  • Career Aspirations
  • Working for Approving Skillsets by Managers
Advanced Performance
  • SMART Goals
  • Track Achievements
  • HiPo Score
  • Appraisal Letter Distribution
  • Metrics Import for Goals from Excel
  • 360 Degree Feedback
Advanced Analytics
  • Employee Headcount Trends
  • Gender Diversity Trends
  • Employee Performance Trends

Synergita Surveys

Synergita Survey capablities allow you to conduct 360 Degree Surveys and Employee Enagagements Surveys which are usually performed on a stand-alone basis. Available without any long-term contracts, these surveys allow you to gain insight into your employee performance and employee engagement when you need it.

360 Degree Surveys
  • Employee Basic Details
  • Organization Reporting Details
  • 360 Degree Feedback administration(up to 15 reviewers per person)


  • 360 Degree Reports for Individuals
  • 360 Degree Consolidated Report across the Organization
Employee Enagagements Surveys
  • Employee Basic Details
  • Organization Reporting Details
  • Engagement Survey Questionnaire
  • Survey Administration
  • Reports

  • Survey Reports

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