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Simple and Straight Forward Pricing

 Profile Management ✓✓ 
 Goals Management  
 Performance Appraisal ✓ 
 Continuous Feedback ✓✓ 
 Reports ✓
 Peer Feedback in Appraisal Cycles  ✓
 Employee Development Plans/Improvement Plans ✓ 
 Appraisal Letter Distribution  
API Access through web services for Software Integration  ✓
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360 Degree Feedback/Employee Engagement Survey

Synergita can also be bought only for 360 Degree Feedback or Employee Engagement Survey without any long-term commitment and integration needs within the organization. For example, if you are doing leadership development exercise within the organization and would like to do a 360 degree exercise, you can use Synergita. Please write to us to get in touch with you at: info@synergita.com