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Facilitate a “Single Source of Trust” through Synergita’s Integration!

Synergita APIs

  Synergita supports RESTful APIs

  The Request/Response format is JSON

   Authentication is based on shared secured key

  All our APIs support secure HTTPS protocols

  Data Synchronization frequency shall be set up as per customer requirements

SAP Integration:

  • Synergita can extract employee data from the Human Capital Management module of SAP
  • The integration takes place via the SAP connector (BAPIs) developed by the team
  • The data transfer always occurs in a secured manner

Adrenalin Integration:

  • The data mined from Adrenalin is done by accessing the Adrenalin APIs
  • Any data change can be updated into Synergita on a daily basis
  • All data transmission takes place via secure API channels
  • Not only successful integrations, but even failures are brought to notice through email notifications

Hifi (hifives):

  • Synergita can pull in the rewards and recognition data from on a daily basis
  • The employee (rewards) data is made available on Synergita during the performance appraisals

Enable “Single Source of Trust” through Synergita Integration!

Seamless Data Exchange: Integrating your Existing SAP ERP with Synergita

Organizations that use SAP for business operations realize that engaging a cutting-edge, niche software for strategic talent management has the distinct advantage on both economic and tactical counts. However, the main drawback is the lack of robust integration between the stand-alone software and ERP suite.