Configurability in Synergita


All packaged applications require an initial setup to upkeep the individual requirements of the business that is being supported.

As businesses develop and evolve with new business divisions, markets, and geographies, the applications that support them need to adapt in accordance to maintain pertinence for the company. The adaptability of a system is estimated by the efficiency of the primary application deployment. The agility of a system is measured in its capacity to quickly accommodate dynamic needs of the business, post-implementation.

The scope of this document underlines some of the most common domains of configuration from both an initial setup and post go-live aspects. It should not be viewed as a comprehensive guide. We discuss the adaptability and agility of Synergita's configurability, with a detailed description of what comes under the 'configurable' bucket and what does not.

All things Configurable

Typically, in any organization, there are a set of key things which vary from one group of employees to another. With Synergita, you will be authorized to configure the software to address the following requirements:


Workflow of your performance appraisal process would vary from one department to another or/and one level/designation to another. Synergita provides you with about 50 different workflow stages. You can create various workflows using these workflow stages for different groups of people and manage the process efficiently.

Feedback forms:

Similar to workflow, there may be variations in your feedback forms between departments or/and levels/designations. You can easily create several feedback forms in Synergita. Typically these feedback forms are defined during product implementation phase. It is always advisable to make changes in these feedback forms, if any, before goal setting for the coming year.

Rating scale:

The number of scales required for rating & the display text for the scale is configurable (e.g. rating scale of 1-5 with 1 being lowest and 5 highest.) You can also use floating point rating scales (e.g. A 1-5 scale with ratings 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, and so on). In this type of rating scale, the display texts are not defined. Only the numbers are shown.


You can assign weightings to different sections in the feedback form. These weightings can be configured when you create the feedback form.

Note: Once employees set goals, you will not be able to change the weightings during the review cycle. To modify weightings, you have to create a new feedback form and publish the same.

Business Rules:

You can configure business rules for the following:

  • Employee number generation
  • Score matrix for automatic final rating assignment
  • Score Calculation (Standard methods such as Overall score could be primary manager score; average scores of employee, manager, co-managers are supported).
Review Groups:

You can define the set of people (e.g. employee, primary manager, peer), who provide feedback to the employees. This needs to be done before creating the feedback forms.

Organization Structure:

The product supports companies, divisions, and departments in order to configure your organizational hierarchy.

Continuous Feedback Categories and Awards:

The list of categories and awards can be configured as per the customer's requirements.

Dropdown values:

The values for fields such as Employee type and Employee status are configurable. There are also some predefined dropdowns, which are not configured and usually, configurations are required for such fields (e.g. Goal status – Not Started, In Progress, or Completed)

Field Names:

The field names can be configured as per the customer's requirements. There are some predefined terminologies, however, which can’t be changed.

Fields in forms:

It is possible to add/remove fields from all the forms available in the product.

p.s. The feedback forms are controlled by the templates set up in the system, which can be configured with the limited options available.

Non-configurable Items

While the product is configurable to a good extent, the possibilities are within the available options. Some of the following features are standard and not configurable:

I am sure you may still have questions on your configurability needs.  Please reach out to  to discuss all your specific needs

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