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It can be what you want it to be

Even when organizations (finally) recognize the dire need for a brand new performance management solution, concerns continue to persist. The biggest of course is ensuring the current As-is processes familiar to all, continues to exist in the new system. And there is the additional matter of getting the organizational buy-in.

Synergita works with you on both counts. For starters, several of our clients have implemented our solution around their As-is processes to ensure familiarity and minimize any potential disruption. And there are the little touches like automation, reminders, “Digital Cockpit” and the intuitive and easy to use interface along with great customization and flexibility. Features that work in perfect harmony to enhance the overall experience in ways never imagined.

We also help you get organization buy-in by implementing the processes As-is, process compliance, usability, customization, integration with existing systems and auditability.

Changes in the profiles are notified to relevant people.

Finally, a system that works the way you want it to and not the other way around.