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Many reasons to go WOW!

Your employees are your most powerful asset, which is why Synergita’s cloud based performance management and analytics solution is chock full of powerful features designed around your needs - goal setting, continuous feedback, 360 degree feedback, normalization scoring and more. Dashboards provide visibility into the overall progress with drill down capabilities. Custom reports means information is just a click away. And powerful analytics empowers you with predictive analysis to combat attrition, drive policy creation and other high impact initiatives.

And your personalized “Digital Cockpit” provides all necessary information and updates in one single screen like employee data, past feedback, skillsets, employee development and more.

Little wonder then that our clients report magical sightings - less pressure, dramatic drop in workload (by up to 60%), less follow-up, less errors and more importantly - time freed up (by up to 80%). And thanks to automation, 100% compliance is no longer a pipe dream but an achievable reality.

Finally, a software that works the way you want it to.