New Trends in Performance Management

HR Technology® Synergita is a perfect blend of traditional as well modern approach in Performance Management field. This presentation shows how the organizations have changed manifolds in the performance management process and how the world organizations are now adapting it on regular periodic basis instead of annually.

Automate your Employee Performance Management with Synergita

This presentation will introduce Synergita, its customers, value proposition and also various processes supported by Synergita. Synergita excels on its easy and simple to use interface & ability to configure the software to your needs. You will be able to see these through a glimpse of the software with various screen shots in this presentation.

Unearth Employee Potential and focus on Employee Development with Synergita

Synergita helps the HR and managers to unlock the hidden potential of their team members and focus on nurturing employee strengths. This presentation will show how Synergita helps the managers and HR manage this process easily.

360 Degree Feedback made easy with Synergita

Increasingly, organizations are using 360 degree feedback as a tool for leadership development. Managers and HR can do a 360 degree feedback survey for their team members easily on strategy, leadership, customer orientation, etc. with Synergita. This presentation talks about the process within Synergita.

Appraisee's role in performance review preparation

This presentation is compiled by the HR team of Aspire Systems. Aspire systems is our customer and they use Synergita for their performance management needs. They use Synergita to educate employees on their role in Performance Appraisals. Dinesh Kumaran, Director-HR, has graciously allowed us to use this presentation as part of our site.