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Team Synergita provides a comprehensive support to all our customers. For any support and implementation help, please click here.
Synergita’s cloud-based performance management solution elevates your organization’s performance. It helps in eliminating the stress, time pressures, and employee dissatisfaction associated with a traditional performance management process.


           Our technical team supports you in the following ways: 



Phone support


Email support


           Irrespective of which subscription plan (Gold/Silver) a customer is subscribed to, they are eligible for automatic access to software upgrades and product               enhancements. 

Implementation Services

Our dedicated Implementation Services team guides you through the following:

Change Management

change_management-135 Since each organization has different needs and reporting requirements, Synergita is highly configurable and follows the change management process

 We can enhance, add or edit existing features to suit the needs of our customers in a cost-effective way.

Training and Education

Training-and-education HR Managers are the prime rulers of the software. They will be provided with Admin access to manage Synergita.

They will be given a personalized training on the software, navigation flows, user interface and the cascading process. This training covers the following:

  Complete introduction to administration access (ability to manage org hierarchy, creation of roles, etc.)

  Manage feedback forms (Competency and KRA definition)

  Managing appraisal cycles

  Notifications & reminder emails plus alert messages

  Presentations and user manual documents would also be provided for detailed reference to HR Managers after training sessions have come to a halt.

Real Time Status of Application

Real-Time-DataSynergita uses Site 24x7 ( for monitoring the application availability across servers

The real time status of our production instances is available at report also shows the history of application availability for the past 3 months.


Our Services

Our-Services Our support plan offers exemplary service which allows you to use the Synergita with Ø Disruption™.

Our support team will provide our customers with unsurpassed support through call and email, with quick turnaround time.

Whether you are new to Synergita or an experienced user, we offer a wide range of support facilities to meet your needs via online knowledgebase/email.

Support team is around the corner to support you. We are just a buzz away !