• Unleash Employee Potential with Synergita’s peopleMAGIC™

    Continuous Feedback based Employee Performance & Engagement Software


Synergita offers you a whole lot of benefits for your employees and their development.

High Performance  Better Collaboration Holistic Development Relaxing Appraisal

High Performance 

High Performance

Setting goals and tracking them from time to time results in a high-performance environment

Better Collaboration

Better Collaboration

Rewarding and recognizing the work put in, through spot awards and other means, fosters better collaboration.

Holistic Development

Holistic Development

Spending more time on the growth and development of employees keeping in mind the organizational growth.

Relaxing Appraisal

Stress free appraisals

Automating the appraisal process helps save time and makes you look like a superhero.

Product Visuals

Discover more of Synergita and see for yourself.

Synergita in Action – Manager’s view

Synergita's peopleMAGIC!


Synergita's peopleMAGIC!

Bid Adieu to Bell Curve!

Bid Adieu to Bell Curve!

Value Propositions

Synergita is a single tool, yet it has created multiple concepts that add great value to an organization and its people.


Unleash employee potential to set new standards of excellence and create wonders

Ø Disruption™

Gets you up and running rapidly, seamlessly integrating with existing systems and processes

WOW Features!

Powerful and Functional features designed around your needs and best people practices

Works the way you want

Refreshingly easy and configurable performance management system

Digital Cockpit

All necessary information and updates in one single screen