Webinar: How will a PMS software transform the performance of your organization from grass root level?

Insta-Go gets you on your way with minimal fuss

We’ve all been in the “I want it yesterday” situation. A simple statement that has profound ramifications. Never fear! Synergita’s Insta-go functionality gets your organization up and running on a brand new, fully automated performance management solution, sooner than you think and without any hiccoughs.

What makes this possible is an intuitive and easy to use interface, the ability to embrace your existing processes as-is. Any unique requirements in the process workflow (or designing of new ones) is simply accomplished through our innovative drag and drop designer. The seamless integration with your existing data applications (ex. ERP, HRMS, Custom portals, Payroll) will leave you amazed! This is further backed by our philosophy of rolling our sleeves and making our solution work the way you want it to, with a truly personal touch throughout. And finally, the essence of Synergita is gathered from our promise of Ø Disruption™.

So, the next time you are asked to roll out a new system “yesterday”, Synergita has you covered on that aspect. Ready, steady, Insta-go!

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