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Webinar on New Trends in Employee Performance Management – How can we embrace it?

In a survey that was conducted by Deloitte, more than half the executives questioned (58%) believe that their current performance management approach neither drives employee engagement nor high performance.

Source: Harvard Business Review (HBR)

The present day performance management practice of rating employees are subjective, filling up forms are time consuming, performance review meetings are challenging and the end results are not what is intended. It basically ends up assessing the past performance, instead of being forward looking, agile and driving better performance.

Join us for this free Webinar, where we will look at “new and agile” performance management practices and how organizations are adopting them to inculcate a high performance culture and engage their employees.

Our featured speaker, Ms. Keree Brannen of BusinesSuites® will share about her experience in adopting the modern performance management practice of continuous feedback in her organization and how it benefits their employees.

Topic Content:

  Current Performance Management Process challenges – A quick recap of the performance management.

  The new performance management practices, it’s benefits and how some of the organizations are adapting these.

  Impact of Continuous feedback on employee performance.


Kavitha Kalyanasundaram

Specialist in HR Performance Management System


Keynote Speaker:

Keree Brannen

People Operations Specialist


Date: 7th Oct 2015

Time: 2:00 pm EST

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