India Webinar: Moving away from Annual Appraisals – What does it mean & how do you go about?

India Webinar: Moving away from Annual Appraisals – What does it mean & how do you go about?

In this Webinar we looked how “Companies are moving away from annual performance appraisals” that is something that we come across very often these days. So, what happens to these companies after they move away from an annual performance appraisal system? What do they replace it with? Is it really possible to conduct performance appraisals without bell curve?

How can any company do away with annual performance appraisal system and adapt to other superior, meaningful systems that work? These are some of the underlying questions that none of the online blogs or articles would answer.

The webinar threw more light on this area and answered these questions. Following were the key learning from this webinar:

1. Pros and Cons of a performance management system with and without a bell curve
2. Abolishing the bell curve- how can you manage the change?
3. What are the other superior ways to conduct performance management in your organization?
4. What value can these modern performance management systems create?

Our Presenters:


Mali Mahalingam
HR Advisor & Executive Coach (Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Certified Coach)

Mali is a seasoned & strategic HR leader with experience in all facets of Human Resources. He is a certified Executive Coach at his own HR consulting firm. He helps successful executives become even more successful in their career.


Yoga Mookkaiah
Performance Management Software Implementation Manager

Yoga has several years of experience in implementing software in several enterprises. Currently he is managing the implementation team for Synergita. He works closely with several customers for automating their employee performance appraisal and continuous feedback activities.


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