Webinar: How To Move To A Continuous Conversation-Based Performance Management Process?

Webinar: How To Move To A Continuous Conversation Based Performance Management Process?

In this webinar we saw how for any relationship to prosper there needs to be a series of conversations between the two parties. The same holds good for the 'manager-employee' relationship! Managers must not only communicate with their subordinates at the start and end of the appraisal cycle but throughout the year. Through this approach, the managers can provide the right guidance and coach those that need an extra bit of help in various aspects of their job functions.

Synergita brings to you a webinar to elucidate the importance of having a continuous conversation with employees to invigorate them in different phases of their work roles and enhance the entire performance management process.

The key takeaways included:
1. A step-by-step guide to help prioritize the things one ought to do with respect to the continuous feedback adoption
2. How to get a buy-in from your management to move from the annual appraisal cycle to the continuous mode
3. Post implementation, how to monitor and measure the improvement in your employees' performance

Our Presenter:

Jamie Resker

Jamie Resker
Founder and Practice Leader of Employee Performance Solutions

Jamie is a recognized thought leader and innovator in the area of performance management. She helps organizations create a culture of performance-focused conversations by reshaping dialogue between managers and employees with a framework designed to exchange meaningful information. Jamie is the originator of the Performance Continuum Feedback Method®, an approach for differentiating employee performance, identifying gaps and crafting hearable, sayable feedback.

Date: August 22nd  2017,  Tuesday

Time: 2:00 PM EST



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