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Rewards & Recognition

An organization is a cumulative network that grows every day despite recession, layoffs, attrition. An organization is as similar as a weighing balance – consider organization (growth) on one end and employees on the other, the supporting beam is based on how organizations hold employees to them, to attain the equilibrium. The centre point is very critical and it is nothing but the strategies that organizations adapt to retain their employees.

Synergita, helps organizations pick up motivation and rewarding strategies to retain and nurture their employees. Synergita has understood that motivation kick starts a person’s abilities and capabilities, turns any person optimistic, and encourages him/her to put in relentless efforts to scale higher. That’s the reason why Synergita has instituted rewarding mechanism as a part of it.

When a high performing employee is brought before the crowd, appreciated before all, congratulated by peers and recognized by people around, it makes him/her feel extremely pleased and immensely motivated to work harder to reach greater heights.

Synergita emphasize on rewards and motivation as it drives employees towards organization’s goals. In fact, rewards are as important as or even more important than motivation. Don’t just stop with congratulating and praising an employee. Reward employee achievements and accomplishments. There are numerous ways to make employees feel recognized and appreciated.

Synergita enables the manager to award an employee’s performance on the continues feedback wall. Manager can award a virtual trophy to an employee on his/her wall- motivating the employee to reach greater heights each time.