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Administer and configure Synergita on the fly!

Synergita provides easy setup process for HR so as to reduce their dependency on the IT team. This enables HR Admin to gather momentum in about 2 days of training. They would be able to manage the software all by themselves and could configure all the modules too.

At the end of the day,Synergita empowers HR to configure templates, processes, and insights, such that they can be aligned with the business needs.

Why Continuous feedback is necessary?

Forms Customization

  All the forms are customizable with field level permissions, visibility, and the ability to make the fields editable.

  All the display names in the system are customizable.

  User level customization allows users to keep the desired fields in the forms.

Roles & Privileges

  Role-based privileges for all the features.

  Field level privileges to control the visibility of fields .

   Ability to set privileges based on the relationship.

   A full control of who can view what data.

Profile Module Configuration

  Manage users and roles .

  Setup the required master data like designation, work role, relationships, etc.

   Configure group heads & business rules .

Performance Module Configuration

  Define feedback forms/templates, responsibilities, and goals .

  Manage feedback cycles easily .

   Create the required review plan types like PDP, PIP, etc.

   Configure appraisal feedback workflow.

Advanced Growth Module Configuration

  Growth module configuration option allows the tenant organization to configure the performance management process.

  Define and manage grade scales for appraisal feedback.

  Create review groups and define who provides feedback for each feedback cycle.

   Create different feedback forms/templates for Track, Work Role & level combination.

   Publish the feedback forms/templates.


Admin Screen

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