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Maintain and manage all Information – at One Place!

With Synergita, maintain all the employee-related information at one place with all relevant details, all year long. Now, you can reduce chaos at the time of reviews and appraisals, and, when required, provide a view of all the details only to the concerned person. Thus, helping you maintain privacy too!

Profile Management

(Note: Synergita is a not a recruitment software.)

  Manage every detail of the employee including personal, education, passport and travel details, etc.

  Receive email notifications for changes in skill set, educational qualifications, etc.

  “Field Level Privileges” enable customization of the fields' visibility to different sets of users. This ensures that a user sees only the fields relevant to him/her. For instance, salary & confidential documents are accessible only to HR

  Employee personal report, education report, skillset report, etc., all provide excellent insights to find out suitable resources for assignments

Career History

  Keep track of changes in the career of employees including promotion, role changes, etc. so that HR and managers can refer and make accurate career related decisions

  Automatic tracking of 'effective from' & 'effective to' dates for all career related associations

People Related Analytics

People Search

  Synergita’s advanced people search helps employees, managers & HR to easily find the employees in the system

  Search is accessible from any of the screens. Efficiently implemented search indexes help find employees by basic profile details (first name, last name, etc.), skillset, education, passport details, etc. within seconds

  The search results and employee details displayed can be controlled based on the user role. While employees can view only the basic & contact details, HR & Managers can view more than just that


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