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Introducing SMART Goals for Large Organizations - How to make it right the first time?

How HR Tech will affect the HR Department in 2020?

The Importance Of Competency Framework In Performance Management

How to Transition from Employee Engagement to Employee Experience?

3B1A - Identifying the Cause of Employee Disengagement

The Relevance of Bell Curve to Employee Performance Appraisals - Exploring Alternatives!

How to Design a Robust Employee Performance Management Process for your Organization?

Digitizing your Employee Performance Management - Doing it the Right way!

Pain points that you face in a traditional, once in a year appraisal process and how digitization will help

Leveraging ERP to Effectively Manage your Employee Performance

How to move to a Continuous Conversation based Performance Management process?

“Great Place to Work” – Learning from the Past, to Create the Work Place of the Future!

Role of Communication & Power of Automation in High Performance Culture!

Learn from the Performance Management Best Practices of Healthcare Industry?

How will a PMS software transform the performance of your org from grass root level?

How to Drive Continuous Performance Conversations with Employees?

Best Practices in Implementing a Performance Management Software - Do’s and Don’ts

Automating your Employee Appraisal Process - How to go about?

Moving away from Annual Appraisals – What does it mean & how do you go about?

Energizing Employee Performance Management

“Know what you are shooting at” – Why Employee Goals Management is Critical?

New Trends in Employee Performance Management – How can we Embrace it?

New Trends in Employee Performance Management – How do you Embrace it?

Synergita – Group Demo

“Role of a leader and his ability to influence the followers by undertaking the Team culture”

“Importance of understanding human behavior and ways to handle them”

“How to handle Difficult Employees”

Less is More – Changing Face of Employee Performance Management in 2014

Simplify Employee Performance Management & Reap Business Benefits