Webinar: 3B1A - Identifying the cause of Employee Disengagement

22nd May 2018 | 12:30 PM IST | 11AM UAE | 3PM SGT

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Webinar will cover:
  • The value of individualising engagement
  • The reasons for disengagement
  • To Identify an Advocacy-Ready (engaged) employee
  • To identify the symptoms of Bullying, Belittling and Burnout
  • How to create a good workplace

About the Speaker

Ethan Seow

Ethan Seow

Founder at Undelusional

Ethan is a classic maverick who left medical school after seven years and has been doing entrepreneurship in multiple industries to gain an understanding of the business world. His psychiatric and psychological training, together with his insatiable love for learning led him to develop Thought-Action Paradigm, the basis behind Undelusional, to truly solve the psychosocial problems of today.