Past Events

Synergita is participating in HR Symposium 2019 - Information for HR Tech exhibitors

Friday, 11 October 2019, 2.00 – 5.30 pm – Event Registration starts from 1.30pm

In Industry 4.0, there is no denying that technology and digitalisation will have a great impact on the workforce. With the adoption of Artificial Intelligence and integration of Internet of Things (IoT) in all areas of work, organisations will need to restructure their attraction, recruitment and workforce strategies and help people adapt to new models of work.


Synergita is Participating in HRTECH 2019 CONFERENCE & EXPOSITION

1st – 4th Oct 2019, 2 The Venetian® | The Palazzo® | Sands® Expo 3355 S. Las Vegas Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89109

We are excited to meet you and interact with you on the impact of digital HR in driving employee experience and organizational performance


Synergita is Participating in 2019 ILSHRM HR Conference & Exposition

22nd – 24th September, 2019 at Drury Lane Theatre, 100 Drury Lane, Oakbrook Terrace, IL, USA

The 2019 IL State SHRM Conference will host 500+ attendees, the majority of whom will include, senior Human Resources (HR) professionals, supervisors, managers, and directors currently practicing in the Human Resources field.


Synergita is Participating in NHRDN NATIONAL CONFERENCE

19th – 20th Sep,2019, ITC Grand Chola, Chennai

Reimagining Organization is all about reinventing employee performance, engagement and development. See how Synergita helps to create peopleMAGIC in your organization.


Webinar - A unique focus for the Ultimate Team Performance

19th September 2019, 12:00 NOON CST

Taking the performance of employees and leaders to the next level is the key to individual and organizational success. Experience, education and training give you an edge but to cross that last mile you need to build a high performing team with the winning attitude.


Webinar - Performance Management For The Millennial Workforce

12th September 2019, 09:30 AM GST | 11:00 PM IST | 1:30 PM SGT

Only 20% of millennial employees feel that their performance management process motivates them to do outstanding work. The key factors that millennials expect from their organization are role clarity, meaningful feedback, belonging, learning, and progress. A well-designed, human-centered performance management solution addresses all the aspects to drive performance and improve work culture.


Webinar - Giving the Right Employee Experience through Continuous Performance & Engagement

22nd August, 2019, 12 Noon EST

Want to win over your employees’ loyalty? You need to give the right employee experience.The recent Gallup research shows that having periodic performance conversations, appreciating & thanking for the job done well and career growth opportunities are the 3 sure shot ways to deliver the right employee experience.


Webinar – The Importance of Measurable Values in Creating Business Growth

20th August 2019, 10:30 AM GST | 12:00 PM IST | 2:30 PM SGT

Costco, Johnson & Johnson has been flourishing in this highly competitive era is a real-world testament that values play a significant role in business growth. Building values and creating an innovation mindset are interconnected and facilitate a high growth rate.


Synergita participated In People Matters TechHR 2019, Gurugram

01st - 02nd August 2019, Gurugram, India

Synergita is participating in Asia’s largest HR Technology conference, TechHR 2019. The HR conference brings together HR thought leaders, Tech start-ups, attendees and mentors. Come visit us at our booth


Synergita attended HR Tech Seminar: Employee Engagement & Performance

Friday, 2 August 2019 2:00 PM-5:00 PM SGT.

Synergita’s CEO, Mr. Shankar Krishnamoorthy will be sharing his thoughts and experiences about Employee Engagement and Performance Management trends in current scenario at the event.


Synergita is excited to participate in Culture Con’19 in Madison, WI, USA

17th - 18th July, 2019

CultureCon brings you the experts and leaders who are in the work of improving the workplace. Synergita is participating in CultureCon this year. Don’t miss to visit our booth!


Webinar – Goals Matter, Outcome Counts!

16th July, 2019

Your SMART goals are definitely smart enough to lead to your professional success. But have you ever tried to sweeten it with personal achievement?


Synergita participated in Detroit HR Summit

June 21st, 2019

This year’s Detroit HR Summit is jammed packed with mission critical content; the HR best practices and trends you need to do your job and help advance your career. The agenda features subject matter experts from global leading companies delivering short concise presentations designed to inspire, inform and educate.


Focus Group Discussion - Want to Automate Employee Performance Management?

20th June 2019, 3:00 PM SGT – 5:00 PM SGT

Employee Performance Management covers Goals/OKR management, competency management, appraisals, continuous feedback, etc. Most organizations start with appraisal automation as the first step towards digitizing employee performance management.


Webinar - How to Create a Failsafe Performance Management Transformation?

20th June 2019, 2:00 PM EST

Majority of corporate “transformations” fail to meet their objectives. It is not because of a flawed strategy, but due to the inadequate adaptability to your business model or work culture. This is more accurate for the digital transformation of employee performance management. Performance management is based on what you believe about people. To successfully design a holistic performance management process, organizations need to focus on creating human-centric talent development strategies that deliver results for everyone.


Webinar - Rethinking the Employee Engagement Equation in Today’s Workplace

13th June 2019, 12:00 PM IST / 2:30 PM SGT

Changes in the workplace require organisations to take a fresh look at the concept of employee engagement. Its impact is not only affecting the results that you need, you are also able to see the symptoms; poor customer service, lack of innovation, silo communication and plenty more. Managers need fresh practices they can easily adopt and integrate into their current methods. Companies seriously need simple to implement tools and methods to capture, receive and give unbiased feedback.


Synergita Is Exhibiting At SHRM HR Tech APAC 2019, Hyderabad

23rd - 24th May 2019, Hyderabad, India

We are happy to invite you to the SHRM HR Tech APAC 2019 to be held in Hyderabad. You can learn how technology and automation transform the work, workers, and workplace from global HR experts. Drop by at our Booth and gain insight into how strategic talent management practices impact your business.


Webinar - My Experience in Implementing Performance Management Software for Organizations

10th May 2019, 12:00 PM IST / 2:30 PM SGT

Webinar was conducted on how to successfully implement the employee performance management software that enhances your business performance, ‘My experience in implementing performance appraisal software for my organization’ by Suwandi Ngaturi.


Synergita is proud to participate in SOAHR Atlanta 2019

25th - 27th March 2019, Atlanta, USA

We are exhibiting at SOAHR 2019, the SHRM Atlanta HR Conference. We are happy to invite you all to this conference to get actionable ideas on how to break the barriers in the new world of work. Come visit us at Booth No. 88. We have a few surprises in store.


Synergita Is Exhibiting At TechHR Conference Singapore 2019

28th February 2019, Singapore

Synergita is happy to announce that we are exhibiting at Asia's largest HR Technology Conference - TechHR Singapore 2019 which is happening @ Marina Bay Sands on 28th of February, 2019.Come visit us at our Booth #C4 at the event as we have some exciting and exclusive information to share.


Synergita Is Exhibiting In NHRD TecHeaRt Conference 2018

7th - 8th December 2018, Bengaluru

NHRD is organizing a ‘Tech HR’ conference with a difference. It is called as ‘TecHeaRt’ – a conference where you can understand the heart of technology. Synergita is proud to exhibit at NHRD TecHeaRt event that attracts hundreds of HR professionals across India. Come visit us at our Booth #7 at the event as we have some exciting and exclusive information to share.


Webinar: Introducing SMART Goals For Large Organizations – How Do You Make It Work Right At The First Time?

25th October 2018, 3:00 PM IST

Join us for the upcoming Synergita webinar on the topic “Introducing SMART goals to employees – how do you make it work the very first time?”  On Thursday, October 25th at 3:00 PM IST. The webinar presenter, Mr. GR Arun, the Chief HR of Rialto Enterprise will showcase everything you need to know for the successful implementation of SMART goals of your employees for this appraisal season.


LeanHack Session: Hacking The Build-Measure-Learn Loop

29th September 2018, 6:00 PM Chennai

E-Cell, IIT Madras, a non-profit organization, strive for creating, instilling and fostering the entrepreneurial spirit among fellow students is coming up with a one of a kind business startup competition: LeanHack which provides an experiential environment for people to learn entrepreneurial skills, experience new things, get exposure and interact with business mentors. Join us for this session at IIT Madras.


Free Webinar: How HR Tech Will Affect The HR Department In 2020?

28th August 2018, 3:00 PM SINGAPORE / 12:30 PM IST / 11:00 AM UAE

Join us for this webinar and learn how to make your HR leadership future-ready in the rapidly changing business environment. Our presenter Adrian Tan the author, HR tech blogger and Co-founder of The Resource Group, a boutique agency that specializes in HR and grant consultancy for SMEs, presents “How HR Tech will affect the HR Department in 2020?”


Free Webinar: The Importance Of Competency Framework In Performance Management

24th July 2018, 3:00 PM IST

Our Presenter Ms. Charanya Raman - Human Resources Expert at Lotte India Corporation unravels the key elements to formulate competency framework and explains with real-time scenarios, how competency mapping helps organizations to monitor and improve the accomplishments of the individual employees.


Webinar: How To Transition From Employee Engagement To Employee Experience?

28th June 2018, 12:30 PM IST / 11 AM UAE / 3 PM Singapore

In this webinar session, Ms. Payal will walk you through on how to transition from employee engagement to holistic employee experience practices. Join the webinar and find out the innovative ways to design an integrated solution to improve employee experience.


Synergita Is Exhibiting At SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition 2018, Chicago

17 - 20 June 2018, Chicago

The most exciting and the largest HR exposition SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition is here again with a bang! Synergita is proud to exhibit at this unparalleled event that attracts thousands of HR professionals across the globe.

We have some exciting and exclusive information to share. Also, we have lined up contest, photoshoots & exciting prizes for the visitors who stop by!


Synergita Is One Of The Proud Sponsors Of NATCON ISTD Conference 2018, Chennai

8 - 9 June 2018, Chennai

Indian Society for Training & Development (ISTD), Chennai chapter organizes this two-day Corporate Innovation conference to bring together stalwarts from different industries to share their innovative growth strategies and inspirational success stories.

Innovation is the essence of sustainable growth and organizations need to be agile and innovative to take the fast track growth path.


Webinar: 3B1A - Identifying The Cause Of Employee Disengagement

22nd May 2018, 12:30 PM IST / 11 AM UAE / 3 PM Singapore

Employee Engagement is the prime driver of high performance and high growth. Identifying the disengaged employees and cause of their disengagement help organizations remove the hurdles and make their employees engaged and productive.

Bullying, Belittlement, Burnout & Advocacy (3B1A) are the markers to spot disengaged and engaged employees.


Webinar: The Relevance Of Bell Curve To Employee Performance Appraisals And Exploring The Alternatives!

20th March 2018, 12:30 PM IST / 11 AM UAE / 3 PM Singapore

Organizations are about to conclude their appraisal process for this financial year. It is high time to think about the role of the bell curve in performance appraisal and in improving employee performance and to explore the alternatives available for efficiently engaging employees and managing their performance.


Webinar: How To Design A Robust Employee Performance Management Process For Your Organization?

15th February 2018, 12:30 PM IST / 11 AM UAE / 3 PM Singapore

Having an employee performance management process unique to your organization’s objectives and culture is the key to your business success. We all know it already, but how to accomplish this task? Learn the step by step process from the person who achieved it.


Synergita Is Participating In SHRI Outlook 2018

4th January, 2018

The Outlook is one of SHRI's key annual events held at the beginning of each year. The forum creates a platform for HR decision-makers, industry experts and leading authorities to look towards the future of the workplace and share economic, business and HR forecasts for the year ahead.

SHRI Outlook 2018will provide an unparalleled opportunity for employers, and senior business and HR leaders from public and private sector organizations, to network, learn and exchange ideas for success. It aims to better equip Singapore's business and HR community for the critical role they have to play. Hear from our experts. Take a peek into the future HR Trends! Register to get connected with us in Singapore.

Webinar: Digitizing Your Employee Performance Management – Doing It The Right Way!

14th November 2017, 3:00 PM EST

With the growth in technology, today we are the witness to the digitization of every single entity! And following this trend, we now have the transformation of manual performance management to an automated system. If you are one of those who have not yet taken the digitization plunge, we present to you a session that will educate you on getting to the advancement side in the right manner.


Synergita Is Participating In HR BizTech 2017 SHRI, Singapore

8th November 2017, Singapore

We are excited to be part of the HR BizTech 2017 organized by the Singapore Human Resources Institute (SHRI).Our team will be presenting a demo of our software at this event and we would love to share our thoughts with each one of you. We welcome you...


Webinar: Pain Points That We Face In A Traditional, Once In A Year Appraisal Process And How Digitization Will Help Overcome It!

27th October 2017

Organizations are moving away from traditional employee appraisal as it is incompatible with the “Employee First” approach practiced by them. The legacy appraisal process is time-consuming and ineffective in improving employee performance or organization growth. On the contrary, digital appraisal process brings transparency, engages employees and improves performance.


Webinar: Leveraging ERP To Effectively Manage Your Employee Performance

27th September 2017

In large part because of its complexity, enterprise resource planning (ERP) software has a tendency to be under-utilized. You're not alone if your business struggles to achieve envisioned ROI for its ERP system. In this situation, using the ERP effectively to manage employee performance is not taken seriously by many companies. But, there are few simple methods that you can adopt to use your existing ERP to manage employee performance effectively.


Synergita Is A Proud Gold Sponsor Of The 3rd Edition Of India HR Summit 2017

There is a pressing need for HR units to contribute at a more strategic level for the businesses revenue challenges that improve the overall business performance.

The human resource (HR) team of any organization plays a vital role in creating, developing and promoting a culture of innovation in the organization.


Webinar: How To Move To A Continuous Conversation Based Performance Management Process?

For any relationship to prosper there needs to be a series of conversations between the two parties. The same holds good for the 'manager-employee' relationship! Managers must not only communicate with their subordinates at the start and end of the appraisal cycle but throughout the year. Through this approach, the managers can provide the right guidance and coach those that need an extra bit of help in various aspects of their job functions.


Webinar: “Great Place To Work” – Learning From The Past, To Create The Work Place Of The Future

Work takes up a major part of one’s daily life. In a globalized world, with talent in short supply, ‘A Great Work Place’ can be a key differentiator in recruitment and retention. To know more – Join us for the Webinar “Great Place to work”


Webinar: Role Of Communication & Power Of Automation In Creating High Performance Culture

In today's competitive world, we strive to create a high-performance culture to ensure sustainable growth. Doing so, needs an effective management and people that are committed to the organization's growth. To enable your leaders to create this high-performance culture, you need to take advantage of two things - Communication and Automation.


Webinar: Employee Performance Management Best Practices in the US Healthcare Industry

According to a 2014 survey by Healthcare Source, 74 percent of respondents plan to streamline HR processes. The healthcare leaders must implement goals throughout the organization, that are focused on improving patient satisfaction. If you are unsure of how to go about the entire goal setting process, we are here to help you!


Synergita is launching a new office in Mumbai, India

A new hub will now be opening in Mumbai effective from May 8, 2017. Synergita will now be able to provide better and faster support to all its customers in and around this region.


Webinar: How will a PMS software transform the performance of your organization from grass root level?

Organizations use Performance Management to drive behaviors from the employees to get specific outcomes. But, how will a performance management software transform the performance of your organization from grass root level? This remains an unanswered question. Using your performance management software effectively is the key to success.


Synergita participated in SHRM Tech'17

Team Synergita exhibited at SHRM Tech ’17 which was held in Hyderabad on April 20, 2017. Read here some of the learning from the event that we gained.


Webinar: How to Drive Continuous Performance Conversations in Your Organization

The workplace has changed to be more collaborative, social and fast moving. It's time for performance management to change too. By now, we know that our past efforts to redesign standard elements such as forms, ratings, competencies is no longer the answer.


India Webinar: Best Practices in Implementing a Performance Management Software - Do’s and Don’ts

Many companies have subscribed to a brand new performance management software and are looking to have a stress free appraisal this year. Though your journey towards having a stress-free performance appraisal begins with your decision to automate, there are a few best practices that you will have to follow for quick implementation of the software and efficient operation afterwards.


India Webinar - Automating your Employee Appraisal Process – How to go about?

There are questions like should the appraisals be automated, how will it benefit us or the organization, which one should be bought, what are the key features to look for in a software? If such questions occur in your mind about automating your companies appraisal process then I strongly recommend you to attend this webinar.


India Webinar - Moving away from Annual Appraisals – What does it mean & how do you go about?

“Companies are moving away from annual performance appraisals” is something that we come across very often these days. So, what happens to these companies after they move away from an annual performance appraisal system? What do they replace it with? Is it really possible to conduct performance appraisals without bell curve?


TiECON Chennai 2016 – One of India’s largest Entrepreneurship Conference!

TiECON Chennai has been one of the largest gatherings of Entrepreneurs in India. With an expected attendance of over 1500 delegates and a selection of distinguished speakers, TiE Chennai provides a global perspective in an Indian context, making it a must attend conference for every Indian Entrepreneur.Synergita is partnering with TiE this year


“How to build a Great Place to Work Company” – Ground Up Journey & Sharing Experience!

Great Place to Work ® is the global authority on high-trust, high-performance workplace cultures. The Great Place to Work publishes list of Best Workplaces across the world. It is an incredible achievement for any company to be featured on this listing since this ranking is considered one of industries best.


Synergita participating in World’s Largest Expo HR Technology Conference & Exposition

HR Technology® is home to the world’s largest Expo of HR technology products and services – many vendors even choose to announce their latest products for the first time at HR Tech. There is no better place to touch, compare and contrast the latest solutions from leading vendors in every category, as well as start-ups.


Becoming a “Great Place to Work” – Lessons learnt from the journey

- NASSCOM event Pune 23rd September, 2015

NASSCOM is pleased to invite you for an interactive session on becoming a "Great place to Work". Aspire Systems is a software development services company based out of Chennai and has been ranked 6 times in a row as "Great Place to Work".......


SHRM INDIA Annual Conference 24th – 25th Sept 2015, New Delhi

The theme of SHRM India Annual Conference & Exposition 2015 is Velocity. Velocity is not just speed. It is speed with focus. Business today has accelerated to new heights. And to keep up with the fast growing business, .......


Synergita is participating in SHRM Tech’15

- SHRM Tech’15 planned to be held in Mumbai, on 24th April, 2015

Synergita is all set to participate in the SHRM Tech’15 planned to be held in Mumbai, on 24th April, 2015. SHRM is one such event where HR + Technology blend all together. It is a platform where bunch of experienced HRs gather to share and gain information about the HR related field and the growing technology in it......


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