About Us

About Synergita

Synergita (pronounced as 'Synergyta') = Synergy + Gita

Synergy: When we bring together teams and people from every part of the organization to collaborate and work towards a common goal, a synergy is created. This synergy produces the best result for an organization to excel and succeed.

Gita: Employees face daily struggles at their workplaces. Every manager is encouraged to guide his/her employees to fulfill their respective responsibilities at work. The Gita preaches best humane practices.

In our research and work with various companies, we felt that a tool can help enable the creation of the extraordinary work culture within an organization wherein employees get to unleash their potential, creating peopleMAGIC. And, that is how Synergita (Synergy + Gita) was born.

About synergita

We strive to bring performance management and employee development closer to the business and its people. We advocate the "Employees First" approach and imbibe the same at our own organization. If organizations create that extra ordinary environment where people can unleash their potential, it will create peopleMAGIC in each organization. We help our customers to create peopleMAGIC in their organizations through Synergita.

Team Synergita – Our Mission, Vision & Work Culture

People are the key asset for any organization. They can grow only if their employees are excited and engaged with their work. And, the only way to keep employees engaged is to provide the right environment and good set of challenges (Goals/KPIs). If you digitize your talent management (performance, engagement, and development), it will help organizations move faster. Synergita is built with this aspect in mind. Hence, the cornerstone of Synergita lies in the point that every organization must get the opportunity to simplify & digitize talent management to empower their employees. Synergita stresses on being “continuous” in employee performance and development.

Being a young and energetic start-up, team Synergita consists of excellent team members from varied backgrounds - business, HR practitioners, software experts and customer success practitioners. Together, the team brings in a combination of expertise which is reflected in our product – Passion for HR, SaaS expertise, innovation and focus on customer success.

microsoft award
codie award
isv award
nasscom award
siia award
gartner cool vendor award
asian human vendor award
codie 2014 award

Our company also won the above awards for the underlying SaaS framework. This framework powers Synergita and it is sold separately to other ISVs who would like to build SaaS products better and faster.  For more information, please visit www.techcello.com.