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Asteor Software is a product company with a flagship product – Synergita

Synergita focuses on affordable solutions for talent management in every organization. Talent management is the biggest challenge to HR. The Synergita platform meets this challenge by bringing performance management and feedback systems closer to the business and the people.

The Synergita team consists of Business leaders, HR practitioners and Technology experts and the product reflects this combined expertise.

Asteor is a registered member of SIIA and Nasscom. Asteor finds its prestigious place in Nasscom Emerge League of 10 companies.

Synergita – Guiding Principles

  Each customer’s business is unique

  Within the same organization, approaches, practices and processes vary in accordance with role, level, location or business.

   The system should be able to continuously adapt and align with the needs of business leaders and managers.

  HR practitioners should design, implement and manage their own system without depending on the vendor or internal IT resources.

  Insights are very important for business decisions.