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Evaluate your Effectiveness as a True Leader!

If you are all about leadership development, then 360-degree feedback needs to be on the top of your agenda. Perception is reality; and what can help more than getting feedback from everybody - team members, skip level managers, direct manager, as well as customers?

Synergita comes in and eases the entire 360-degree feedback process. With Synergita, you can build a feedback questionnaire for the team, depending on the level of the team and objectives of the exercise.


  • Able to view their profile and organization details like Company, location, etc.
  • Quickly check the organization hierarchy and reporting structure


  • Access to profile of team members
  • Refer career history of employees during career planning for resources
  • Search for skillsets within the Organization


  • Manage complete employee profiles and track their career history
  • Manage complete employee profiles and track their career history Store confidential documents/Notes against each employee
  • Several useful reports like new joinees, attrition report, etc. provide better insights & contributes to smooth functioning of Organization


  • Superior operational efficiency
  • Better engagement of employees

  360 Degree Feedback Process

Template/Feedback form Management

  Define 360-degree feedback forms or templates to suit the organizational unit, role, and level of employees

  Manage all the details of employees including personal, education, passport, travel details, etc.

   Using Synergita’s drag & drop enabled, intuitive template building tool, managers can customize the template for each employee

  Simple approval mechanism for the feedback form

  Feedback Cycle Management


Feedback Cycle Management

  HR defines the rating grade scale, reviewer groups, and guidelines

  Creates a feedback cycle and choose the employees covered in it

   Defines the schedule

  Chooses the appropriate workflow for the feedback process and kickstarts the cycle

  Tracks the feedback status by the organization's unit, division, department, and so on

Reviewer Nomination/Approval

  Managers as well as employees can nominate reviewers

  The nominated reviewer can be a direct report, peer or manager/mentor within the organization

  Approval of reviewers is a must

Appraisal Feedback/Approval

  Feedback is received from the manager, peers, and direct reports

  To make the right judgement, the primary manager can refer to the feedback from others while providing their own feedback

   Scores are calculated automatically as per the ratings provided and the weighting defined

  All the scores are normalized to a default grade scale

  Notifications are sent to ensure timely completion of feedback 


  Settle the perception analysis of individuals

  Restrain the feedback from anonymous people, as per your privacy needs

   Organization-wide analysis of scores and feeds occurs to identify the strengths and areas of improvement. This could be an excellent input to your Learning and Development team for employee training needs

Perception Gap Analysis