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Achieve Overall Development

Employees can get 360-degree feedback from multiple sources including self, peers, managers, team members and external stakeholders (such as customers, vendors, mentors, etc). This helps them to gain an overall perception of their skills, performance, and values.

Gain 360 Degree View on Employee Performance

The multi-rater feedback mechanism supports a dynamic matrix reporting structure and enables employees to get feedback from more than one manager or several managerial levels and even external stakeholders.

Find Effective Managers

It is easy to identify top performing/best managers through the Upward Feedback feature. The feature enables companies to get anonymous ratings from employees to evaluate competencies, leadership qualities and behavioral attributes of managers.

Plug Perception Gaps

Employees can find the perception gap exists between self and others’ reviews. The Organization can help employees to bridge the gap, and achieve continuous career growth and improved business productivity.