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Make the Right Talent Decisions with Synergita’s HR Analytics!

If your people succeed, so will your company; and HR analytics will help take you all the way to the top.

You could quickly track the trends, see an organization-wide aggregate information, and so on. Synergita provides great insights across the employee talent information, their goals, performance, and growth. All these analytics are presented in a user-friendly dashboard. You could drill down to minute details whenever required.


Key Features


- Analytical view of feedback provides insights into strengths & weakness to the employees.

- Understands the perception gaps between self feedback and others.

- Analyze the progress made from previous years.



- Helps to find the strengths & weakness of team members.

- Manager to be proactive with respect to his team’s needs


- Usage of performance management as the key driver for overall talent planning

- Get insights into performance, improvement, training needs, etc. at different levels

- Graphical view of Employee distributions across organization

- Rating distribution across the organization as bell curve report

- Graphical view of feedback cycle status


- Motivated employees

- Reduced attrition

- Better business performance

SWOT Analysis Report:

Identify the topmost strengths and weakness of the organization after each feedback cycle – as perceived by your managers. The report helps to identify training needs of the organization.

Once the annual appraisal has been done, a SWOT report is generated for all the employees.Since the competencies are already available in the software, the top competencies are picked based on the manager's review.This gives you the top strengths and weaknesses of each employee and the SWOT report can then be sent to the internal L&D team.

9 Quadrant Report:

Identify and analyze the achievement versus the potential of employees. The tool enables you to customize the report as per your requirements.

Analytics Dashboard: