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Take the Pain out of HR on the Last Mile of your Appraisal Process!

Appraisal letter distribution is a time consuming process and typically, HR spends significant amount of time in this last mile. Synergita makes life easier for HR in automating this process with your workflow, approvals and employee acceptance.

Appraisal Letter Distribution Process

Easy and Simple Process

  Define the business rules for defining the % of revision based on the appraisal feedback ratings.

  Define the templates to generate new revision papers for employees (these papers will be issued to employees).

   Automatically generate the new salary revisions for employees; Also provision for manually creating / uploading new salary revisions for employees.

  Export the system generated salary revisions for employees along with ratings to excel sheet.

  Import back the updated/adjusted (as per budget) salaries back to the system.

  Simple approval steps.

  Publish the new salary revisions to employees.

  An automatic mail from system intimates employee of availability of letter.

  Employees can download or view the revision papers through their self-service portal.

  Track salary changes over a period of time.


Apart from the standard Synergita authentication (login), access to compensation module will require users to login once again providing revision letter specific credentials and CAPTCHA text for additional security.

Appraisal Letter Distribution Process

Business Rules & Revision Letter Templates

HR can easily define the % of revision based on the final ratings obtained by the employees in the appraisal feedback. These rules will be used when revision is created based on appraisal feedback cycle. If revision is provided on ad-hoc basis, then HR will be able to manually set the new revision.

System will have provisions to issue salary revision letters to all employees. HR will be able to define multiple templates and map appropriate template to employees based on the rating, promotion & role changes. Revision letters will be generated based on these templates.

Approval, Acceptance and Print

HR can take these revision papers through an approval cycle, if required. It is very easy to set the approval workflow. Also, employees can provide an electronic acceptance of the revisions. Then, they can download / print the revision letters. It is all so easy.