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Continuous Feedback Leads to Continuous Excellence!

Continuous feedback plays the major role in increasing collaboration between manager and the employee & reducing attrition. Research study says that timely feedback and appreciation improves the performance of the employee and also enhances employee’ attitude towards his/her work. And also helps maintain a friendly atmosphere and culture in the organization.


  • Receive feedback and appreciation anytime; helps in increasing the morale and bonding with peers
  • Foster better collaboration and trust among employees
  • Gets quick feedback without having to wait till the appraisal process
  • Avoids situations where managers forget year long performance and just remember only the last 3 months


  • Ability to express critical feedback anytime
  • Better bonding with the reportees and peers
  • Maintain confidential notes easily (blue book) so that year long performance of the people can be kept track


  • Helps in reducing manager bias
  • Better insights into overall feedback process (much ahead of yearly appraisal cycle)
  • Faster closure of appraisal process


  • Motivated employees
  • Reduced attrition
  • Better business performance

Continuous Feedback

  Provide continuous feedback anytime to your reportees, peers and managers. Will help you to pass on the appreciation as well as critical inputs to them anytime without having to wait for the appraisal process.

  You can provide continuous feedback and use it in your appraisal process.

   You can maintain confidential notes on your team members, managers, peers, etc.

  You have direct control on who can provide feedback to whom – easy to manage the settings


Continuous Feedback