Continuous Feedback

Engage Employees Through Ongoing, Continuous Feedback

Continuous Feedback enables organizations to Inspire and engage employees with instant real-time feedback and appreciation. The feature serves dual purposes - a digital wall for employees to post appreciation notes and a platform for managers to give ongoing feedback.

Digital Wall of Appreciation

The intuitive digital wall enables employees to pay timely appreciations to their colleagues (team members, peers, managers). This improves team spirit, collaboration and also provides a greater job satisfaction to the recipients.


Build Strong Manager-Employee Relationship

Managers can provide constructive feedback, timely appreciation, and confidential notes to employees at any time - not only during the review period but throughout the year . Establish a healthy collaboration between managers and employees for continuous growth.


Continuous Conversation Anytime, Anywhere

Bring true meaning to ‘Continuous Conversation’ through Synergita Mobile App. Managers and employees can post/view feedback, appreciation and comments right away.


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