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Adherence to Organization’s Core Values should be measured, just like measuring performance and other key metrics

Experts believe that the most important elements of high performance & values-aligned culture of an organization are its measurable core values. These core values typically translate to reflect the culture of the organization. They give identity and set the company apart from its competitors. Values serve as a rallying point and a guiding light when employees lose their way.

Core Values are Bedrock of Your Organization

Your company values define your ‘workplace culture’.

Your company values guide your actions.

Your company values lead you to the pinnacle of growth.

Whether you are interacting with your customers, vendors, or with peers, your company values can be sensed from your attitude, your action and words. Industry experts suggest that the organizations’ core value metrics should be considered as important as its sales/performance metrics.


Some measurable core values of an organization with healthy culture can be:

Transparency of employees with their exchange of thoughts

Mutual respect for each other

Balanced freedom with responsibility

Inclusive learning


Companies spend huge amount of money to educate the employees with company values through orientation programs and training sessions. Now, how do you know if an employee has understood and follows the organization’s core values?

Synergita brings to you the first of its kind Mobile App feature that will help you measure how employees and the leaders demonstrate the company’s core values in their day-to-day actions and interactions.

What could be the yardstick to measure adherence to values? The best and simplest way is to ask the peers to rate their colleague or manager or leader on adherence to various company values.

Peers can Provide Core Values Rating & Feedback

Synergita provides a simple and innovative mobile app to measure core value adherence of employees. Peers can rate how every employee demonstrate the company's core values. The rating can be given openly or anonymously.

Employees can Know Their Adherence Level

The employees can view their rating summary for each organization value or know their overall rating on core tenets.

Organizations can Learn Employees’ Adherence Level

HR & leadership team can view adherence level across organization, departments, age group, and location and get meaningful insights

This core value rating will help you identify and differentiate the employees who demonstrate the organizations’ culture and the ones who do not. This value can be used as a measuring criteria while elevating employees to leadership positions. An employee, who does not bear the organizations DNA, simply cannot be a good leader. Workplace culture and core values should be measured just like any other key metrics. Adherence to its values is surely a reliable predictor that indicates the success of the organization.