Employee Engagement

Drive Better Employee Engagement Through Email Communication

Synergita’s ‘E-communication’ is the first of its kind tool that redefines corporate employee engagement through communication in an organization. Emails are predominant communication mechanism in any organization. This innovative approach enables HR teams to engage their employees through emails. HRs can compose and send emails from Synergita to the group of employees. The powerful visual dashboard reveals the email engagement metrics and helps analyze engagement value of every message.


Formulate methods to nurture employees who actively participate in corporate activities and attract employees who are less inclined to participate.
Identify which corporate communication grabs attention and which activities are an instant hit through HR email metrics.
Improve functional efficiencies, such as the right time to send emails and the special words in the subject line that increases open rate, by decoding past metrics.
Now engage your employees efficiently through emails like how marketers engage their prospects.

Compose, send and manage your emails effectively and efficiently all from one powerful platform.

Compose, send and manage your emails effectively and efficiently all from one powerful platform. You can easily send targeted communications to your audience by designation, organization grouping, location, level or join date.


Powerful Dashboard with Visual Metrics for HR Email Communication

This powerful visual dashboard allows you to see exactly how many emails were sent, delivered, read or not read. You can discover what communication strategies are a hit with your employees, what grabs their attention, and at what time. This will help you to formulate your communication strategy, drip mails to engage employees better, etc.


Historical Record of HR Emails & Its Metrics

Complete repository of emails, its status, and its metrics are available to view and manage for HRs. Individual Email can be analyzed and the individual recipient who opened and read the email and who has not can be identified. HRs are not dependent on Outlook anymore for sending corporate communications.


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