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Employee Engagement is a frequently mentioned phrase and talked about by the leadership teams in every organization. Organizations are conducting employee engagement surveys to identify their engagement levels but most of the time they end up drawing nothing. Engagement cannot be achieved by force. It is inculcated by the culture of the company.

Synergita helps you to maximize employee engagement levels with features that enable employee efficiency, increase productivity, motivate employees, bring about new challenges & opportunities, relieve employee of stress, pressure.

Synergita comes packed with many features that instill employee work appetite by making them realize how their presence will uplift or elevate organization’s performance. Synergita’s continuous feedback mechanism, rewards & recognition system, periodic checks-ins, qualitative assessment, competency driven culture helps employees to be engaged at work.

360 Degree Feedback

Organizations are increasingly using the 360-degree feedback tool for leadership development. Perception is reality and...

Continuous Feedback

Continuous feedback plays the major role in increasing collaboration between manager and the employee & reducing attrition...

Rewards & Recognition

An organization is a cumulative network that grows every day despite recession, layoffs, and attrition. An organization...

Employee Engagement Survey

Measuring engagement level of each employee can appear to be a daunting process. But it isn’t with Synergita’s Employee Engagement survey tool.