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Develop your People to put your Business on FAST Track!

Synergita understands the growing needs of the organization and the importance of developing people. Performance review process should feed into the employee development activities such as individual development plans, employee training plans, etc. Modern organizations Learning and Development (L&D) teams depend a lot on the performance reviews to get input on their plans.

Synergita supports Organization for Employee Development in the following ways

Continuous Feedback and Coaching:

With Synergita, managers can provide continuous feedback to employees. Through this, managers become coaches to their team members and help them fine tune the progress,competencies, etc.

Training Requirements:

Capture individual training needs (request from employees) during performance review sessions. Managers can also recommend the needs for their team members based on their assessments – either to perform their current role (or) to handle the next level of responsibilities. Training team can pull a report on the training needs of employees. They can also get analytics on the strengths and weakness of their employees. This would help them to draw up their training plans.

Individual Development Plan / Performance Improvement Plan:

Depending on employee’s performance and capabilities, they can be put into a fast-track plan or defined development plan or performance improvement plans.


Recommend Training Course

Training Records (of an employee)

SWOT Analysis Report