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Align Individual Goals with the Organization Goals Easily!

Synergita helps you to define the goals at individual employee level easily. HR can define the goals at each level (for example, sales engineer, software developer, purchase manager, etc.) and add to the goals library. Employees can derive their goals from the template (or) pickup from the library to suit their current roles. You can also easily cascade/align the goals with their managers or department heads. As the employees update their achievements, it brings in better visibility on the overall organization goals and help managers track the progress easily.

You can define SMART Goals which are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely.

Main Functions are

  Define individual goals as well as team goals.

  Set the goals based on the Organizations’ unit, Work Role & Level.

   Employees & Managers able to customize the goals.

  Set competency library for employees.

  Review lagging and advancing goals/targets.

Goals Evaluation & Analysis

  Add goals easily to your list.

  Selected group of reviewers provide feedback for goals during performance appraisal.

   Qualitative and quantitative feedback can be provided for goals.

  Define rating grade scale and obtain scores for goals.

  Finalized goals are visible to managers and concerned employee.

  Provide feedback for goals during interim & annual feedback cycles.

  Scores are calculated based on the grade scale and weightage settings.

  Optionally, you can also bring in the achievements from real-time systems such as salesforce, your ERP, accounting system, etc..


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