HiPo Rating

Identify the Rising Stars in your Organization with HiPo Score

An employee’s performance evaluation alone might not reveal the true and real value that he/she adds to the organization. There are factors like skill set, knowledge (potentials) that an employee might possess and how critical the employee is to the project or team, determine the true value of an employee. Synergita brings in, first of its kind employee value scoring system which gives a new dimension in evaluating employee significance. Identifying the true value of the employees is now easier than ever. Get HiPo rating for your employees from performance, potential and criticality scores.


Potential Rating

The stakeholder can evaluate the potential of an employee and award a unique score based on the skill set, knowledge, abilities that he/she possesses. This gets recorded as the potential score of the employee. Determining the potential of your employees help you groom them for leadership roles and in your succession planning.

Critical Rating

Similarly the stakeholder can evaluate the criticality of an employee based on how critical he/she is to the seamless functioning of a project or team and then provide a criticality score to the employee, which also gets recorded in the system. Knowing the criticality of the employee helps you put measures in place to engage and retain to achieve sustainable growth.

HiPo Rating

HiPo rating denotes the true value that an employee adds to the organization, it is a weighted average of the employee’s performance, potential and criticality score. This helps the HR team and management to identify the employees who really add value to the organization. Get a head start on nurturing, engaging and retaining your future leaders with this scoring system.

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