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Automate your Performance Reviews to Save Time and Reduce Attrition!

Synergita helps you to transform your performance review process from once-year, tiresome annual exercise to a periodic, meaningful and easy process. It is completely customizable to suit your ever-changing business needs – easy to configure goals & feedback forms, workflows, etc. It is a cloud based solution and hence access it easily from anywhere. Plus, your important needs on review process such as reports, approval, continuous feedback, etc. are available through mobile interface.

Template Management

  Define templates to suit the Organization unit, role & level of employees.

  Using Synergita’s drag & drop enabled Intuitive template building tool, managers can customize the template for each employee.

   Approval mechanism for the feedback form.

Reviewer Nomination/Approval

  Managers & employees nominate reviewers.

  The nominated reviewer can be a reportee, peer or manager, mentor, etc. within the organization.

   Approval of reviewers.

Appraisal Feedback/Approval

You can give awards to your people. Several organizations institute the rewards process such as Role-Star, Star Performer, Employee of the month, etc. These awards may be given by a manager or business unit head, etc. You can easily manage entire process through Synergita.

You can keep track of reward points so that employees can cash in (based on your policy) towards the year end


Self-Evaluation for Appraisal