Performance reviews

Automate Performance Review Process

Organizations can nurture high-performance, continuous development and save time, effort and money. Synergita’s customizable framework enables organizations to automate the employee performance appraisal process and workflow. The Organization can speed up appraisal process and implement continuous employee engagement and development practices effectively.

Configure Multiple (Appraisal) Review Cycles

Organizations can measure & monitor performance, progress and growth of the employees continuously. They can execute monthly, quarterly, mid-year and annual appraisal cycles easily. From goal settings to appraisal letter distribution, Synergita covers every aspect of performance appraisal (review) process.


Get Complete Control

Template builder helps to configure the process and workflow easily. Auto-email and notification alerts help accelerate the employee review cycle and finish the appraisal process on-time. The dashboard widgets show pending activities, performance trends, and appraisal status. Get complete control of the performance appraisal process.


Normalize Rating Distribution

Compare the ideal and actual bell curves for a better understanding of the benchmark and actual performance. Normalize the rating scores and Identify the percentage of employees that fall under different performance categories. It helps formulate employee development strategy and salary revisions.


Appraisal Letter Distribution

Employees acknowledge one-on-one meeting with the managers and accept the rating score. The System then sends appraisal (letters) emails to the employees.


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