White Papers

white paper gdpr

Whitepaper: Streamlining and Digitizing Employee Performance Management

white paper gdpr

Whitepaper: Synergita GDPR

whitepaper data security

Whitepaper: Synergita Data Security Technical


Synergita Performance Kit - Brief peak into competency library

whitepaper automate goal rating

Whitepaper: Automating the rating of goals – Is it the right approach?

Whitepaper enterprise value chain

Whitepaper: Enterprise Value Chain (EVC) Tokens as a performance evaluation mechanism

whitepaper ROI

Whitepaper: ROI, Build v/s Buy & Other Measures of Performance Management

white paper performance appraisal

Whitepaper: Making the Most Out of Your Performance Appraisal

Whitepaper employee performance management software

Whitepaper: Choosing an Employee Performance Management Software (Cloud or On-Premise Options)

whitepaper evolving enterprise

Whitepaper: The Evolving Enterprise - Efficiency, Scale, Execution... What Next?

Whitepaper big disconnect

Whitepaper: The Big Disconnect - Business is about Behavior

Whitepaper performance management

Whitepaper: Performance Management - Myths and Facts

Whitepaper synergita security

Whitepaper: Synergita Security Considerations


Whitepaper: Employee Performance & Engagement in NBFCs


Whitepaper: Reasons to Automate Performance Management Process


Whitepaper: Key to Success – Align Your Goals


Whitepaper: What stops you from Achieving Goals?


Whitepaper: Metrics Matters!

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