Webinar series: Part 2

Webinar series: Part 2: “Importance of understanding human behavior and ways to handle them

In Continuation to our Previous Webcast Series Part 1 – Identifying ‘difficult’ and ‘different’ employees & Basic reasons behind their emergence, the Part 2 of this Webcast series will encircle the behavioral management aspects of a Leader and how-to steps of facing challenging situation at the work place. We are going to help you equip yourself for achieving excellence and minimizing difficult behaviors seen among all the employees.

Key Focus:

Principles of human behavior that every manager needs to know

Why emotional intelligence is a key factor

A 5 step process to assess any challenging situation

Simple ways to minimize difficult behavior

Speaker Profiles:

JoAnn Corley

The Human Sphere – A Holistic Talent Management Consultancy For Individuals & Companies


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