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icon Employee Management

  Discover the talent ‘within’. Your organization has abundant.

  With Synergita, it is easy and simple. You can capture complete employee information related to talent development such as experience, certification, skillsets, etc.

  Align employee career aspirations with the opportunities and goals.

  Create a win-win situation.

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icon Performance Management

  Set goals and appraise people periodically.

 Continuous feedback and encouragement through awards impact positively on business excellence. With Synergita, do it in powerful way.

  Increase the collaboration through peer recognition and bring in transparency.

  With these, performance appraisal becomes easy and trustable. Enables you to focus on Talent Development

  Empower Employees. Empower Managers. Empower HR.

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icon Training

  Engage. Develop. Grow.

 Best way to engage your employees is through people development programs. Keep track of the training and its effectiveness.

  Come up with employee specific development initiatives. Equip people.

  Focus on strengths. Nurture employees.

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icon Analytics

  Make decisions based on insights.

 Trustable data is the key for making decisions based on performance appraisals.

  Synergita provides powerful analytics. Create actions based on insights.

  Execute and generate confidence among your asset - employees!

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5 ways to reduce Streess during Performance Appraisals
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March 18th, 2015
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Synergita sponsors Value Summit - 2015, Chennai
Synergita is proud to be the Gold sponsor of Value Summit – 2015
Value Summit - 2015 is an exclusive senior leadership business networking event that will be attended by 200+ senior leaders...
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Easy to set goals and track achievements

Do 360 Degree feedback quickly

Focus on employee development

Save time
and effort
for HR

Easy to
use & Intuitive

Employee would love to use Synergita - Extremely Easy to Use