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10 Ways to get Promoted at Work

Working in a company as a full-time employee could be quite challenging at times. The right way to put this is in terms of wondering how to climb up the career ladder. A lot of managers are very compassionate in terms of understanding the need to balance between career, personal life, family and children. A Job promotion is very useful in terms of being motivated to fulfill our career goals. Although, it is not an easy task, we could take a few steps to get promoted at work. 

But what is it that we need to do in order to get the promotion that we need while we are busy handing so many other responsibilities? Let us look at a few ways to help you get the promotion that you need at work: 

Create a Daily plan 

Making plans daily helps you to get ahead of your work. You need to create short-term goals so that you can finish your tasks quicker. Gradually, you will start getting things done on time and it gives an impression to your managers how hard-working you are, and how sincere you are in succeeding at your work. This could influence your manager to promote you at work as you have exhibited that you are willing to take on more responsibilities. 

You are second to none 

When you are being given a task, never say that you cannot do it. Always say that you can do it. Even if you think you wouldn’t be able to do it, try negotiating for a reasonable deadline. Sometimes, you need to set the priorities for your tasks straight because you must put all that energy into the new task. Therefore, even if you do not like the nature of your task, you need to portray that you are available to fulfill the tasks. Sometimes, you might even feel like pushing the task to your colleagues, but you need to show that you can complete it yourself. 

More challenging tasks 

You need to create an impression that you are willing to take up assignments that are a level above you. Something your superiors handle. You are showing your manager that you are willing to take up more responsibilities by going beyond your existing role. This way you position yourself for a promotion. 

Don’t be afraid to challenge your superiors 

Sometimes, it is worthless to just sit back and do what your boss tells you. Instead why don’t you come up with kick-ass proposals that will help your business become more successful? If you are sure about bringing new customers with your creative strategies, why not put forth your proposal in front of your boss? This way, you show your boss that you are not afraid to challenge them. 

Highlight your talents 

Sometimes you need your boss to know your strengths and talents. Therefore, take up assignments that showcase your talents. For instance, if you possess good communication skills, take up projects that highlight your communication skills. Then you can always show your boss how you brokered yourself those deals because of your skills. 

You are a leader 

Nobody wants to be a follower; everybody wants to be a leader. Whenever, you get hold of a project, exhibit your leadership skills take initiatives quickly, so that you show your boss that you can lead a team and that you are ready for promotion. 

Discuss your career goals 

You need to convince your boss that you will be the next in line to get promoted. Therefore, when you get an opportunity to interact with your boss, make sure you tell him how you plan to grow within the company. Discuss your long-term career goals and development plans that you have. 

Being assertive 

Don’t be afraid of going after what you want. If you think you are worthy of a promotion, be assertive and make yourself known in the company. Take initiatives quickly, believe in your plans and see where it goes. 

Getting on good social terms 

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. When you get a chance to sit with your boss during lunch, find common interests that you can talk about. Sometimes, it is better to go beyond your business conversations so that your boss sees you as a human being and think about your growth on a personal level. 

You are a team player 

It is important that you show how good a team player you are to be considered for promotion. You prove yourself to be a versatile employee because of your leadership and team development skills. You make yourself accountable in front of your boss so that your boss thinks that he can count on you when it comes to leading a project or a team. 


Promotion keeps employees motivated so that they give their best. The key is to keep striving for it because one day your dedication to the company will pay off. What kind of strategies do you have in mind to get the promotion that you deserve? Leave your comments below! 

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