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4 Steps to Turn Employees into Future Leaders of Your Company

Every company has two important tasks,

  1. Nurturing leadership quality in the mind of the employees.
  2. Develop new leaders to handle tomorrow’s business situations.

Concordia University’s business educators suggest that the following four steps can develop a future leader.

Mastering the Fundamentals

With the help of the past, a person can conquer the present. Then he can get ready for an encounter with the future. Fundamentals are the collection from the past, but presented in the present time. An employee must master all the fundamentals. With his firm footing on the fundamentals, he can stretch his hands towards future.

Integrating Globally

Each village has its customs and systems. But the whole world has become a global village. Even as internet is a network of networks, the globe today is a village of villages. In these days of globalization and liberalization, an employee must have a broader perspective. As Tagore said in his Nobel Prize Winner Gitanjali, narrow domestic walls should not cripple our mind. Whatever an employee learns, he must integrate it globally.

Thinking Outside the Box

Tradition is important. Individual talent is more important. Old is gold. New also has a value. As Robert Frost said, beaten track is a symbol of safety. But it is survival strategy. Only the road not taken can fetch us excellence. It is important to think outside the box. Some of world’s greatest inventions did not happen in a lab. Newton thought outside his lab when falling apple taught him the laws of motion.

Leading Change

Nothing is constant, everything is changing, whether you like it or not. You should change or you will be changed. The question is this: when the inevitable change takes place, will you lead the change or will you be led by the change? The future leader must have nose for change. Even if there is the remotest possibility of a change, you must be the first one to grab the change. We must lead the change. We should not be led by the change.

Thus, mastering the fundamentals, integrating globally, thinking outside the box and leading the change are the four basic steps for becoming future business leaders.

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