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Agile Performance Management for your Millennial Workforce

Annual performance reviews no longer work. But why is it that performance reviews get bad reviews? Is there something we need to change? The phrase ‘agile performance management’ has been dominating the HR industry in the recent times. A lot of companies such as Microsoft, Netflix and Adobe that eliminated their annual performance reviews and have taken up frequent check-ins. I believe that the reason for bringing in this kind of shift is primarily because of the increased dependence of millennials on technology. With the growth of technology, workplace cultures have become very collaborative, and fast-paced.

There are real-time conversations and continuous feedback between managers and employees. Therefore, we cannot confine these changes only to the millennial generation because they are not the only ones demanding it.

Therefore, how do we create an agile performance management system for your millennial workforce? There are a few crucial elements in an agile performance management system

  1. Continuous feedback 
  2. Career conversations 
  3. Professional growth and development 

Transforming our approaches, a little bit could do wonders in terms of motivating, recognizing and engaging millennials. Implementing a continuous feedback mechanism in the workplace can reduce attrition rates. Let us look at the different ways through which we can implement an agile performance management system to engage millennials at the workplace:

Leveraging a performance management software 

Since millennials interact too often with the world on technology, it is always best to have the right tools in place to facilitate communication. Investing in performance management software helps centralize communication and helps the organization to document everything related to an employee’s performance such as employee engagement surveys, feedback forms etc., All their interactions and performance indicators must be tracked must be tracked.  

Improving manager employee relationship 

Managers are often the primary reason why an employee chooses to be in or leave a job. Therefore, there must be a healthy relationship between the manager and the employees. Before, beginning your journey of performance appraisals, managers must be trained well on how appraisals must be conducted. How should feedback be given and received.  managers must be trained to accept employees as individuals and pay attention to the grievances of the employees and resolve their needs. This way, employees begin to trust their managers and will be a lot more open to sharing their needs with their managers. 

Clarify employee goals and expectations 

Since we are talking about motivating the millennial generation, it is always best to remember that millennials always prefer to know what is expected out of them, their goals and how they are contributing the bigger picture, before, getting started on any of their tasks. Therefore, it is always better to clarify your expectations clearly and letting them know how their contributions are adding value to the business. Your employees deserve to know how their role links to the overall objectives of the business. If employees are not sure how their role contributes to the success of the organization, how do they know that they are performing? 

Reviewing goals in a periodic manner 

Employee goals are not just important to millennials, they are very much important to any business. Setting employee goals, aligning those goals with the business objectives and tracking them periodically, result in greater success. The best way to effective goal setting is to review employee goals at least once a month to get your employees to focus on their progress. In addition to that employees can adjust their schedules, request additional support in the form of training and resources and succeed on their goals. On the contrary, reviewing goals on a yearly basis, do not help employees in any way because, they will not have any sense of direction. 

Rewards and recognition 

If you want your employees to work for you, you must realize that there are many things that you need to do for them as managers. Therefore, remember not to take your employees for granted, and recognize them for their good work and reward them when necessary. Your employees spend significant amount of their time working towards the success of your business. It is only fair that you are equally invested in their careers. Therefore, express your gratitude whenever you can so that they are motivated to give their best. 


We have discussed a few ways in which we could create agile performance management processes for millennials at work. The key is to remember that we need to create a culture where openness in communication is encouraged. Communication that facilitates transparency and centralizes itself through digitization. How do you think businesses can achieve a more agile approach for millennials in the workplace? Leave your comments below. 

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